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June 2
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Philipp Tomsich

Chief Technologist
Dr. Philipp Tomsich is the Founder and Chief Technologist of VRULL GmbH, an engineering consultancy focused on engineering performance solutions through compiler optimizations, runtime performance tuning, system-level optimization, and hard-/software co-engineering on the architectural and micro-architectural level. He supports the RISC-V mission as the Chair of the Software Horizontal Committee within RISC-V International, where he oversees the community involvement on Toolchains & Runtimes and drives the standardization effort for Platforms. Philipp brings broad experience and expertise in runtime systems (including Java VMs, compilers, operating systems kernels, and static code analysis), high-assurance applications, secure/trusted boot, and embedded hardware. His earlier contributions to open-source compilers have been focussed on ARMv8 and, more recently, on RISC-V. He has worked on languages and compilers for multi-core systems for over twenty years, being involved in engineering projects for high-assurance government applications. His previous career includes his role as the Founder and CTO of Theobroma Systems (a Software and Hardware engineering company offering tailored and standard modular solutions for high-assurance computing, which Cherry GmbH acquired in Oct 2020), compiler engineering at Silicon Graphics, and consulting in banking and government IT. He has held teaching and research roles at the Vienna University of Technology, where he also graduated with a degree and a doctorate in Computer Science, with the title M.Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.). In Austria, Philipp is a recognized court-certified expert on embedded systems, low-level programming, programming languages, compilers, and performance. He is an active contributor to open-source projects during his entire career, including the GNU toolchains (GCC, binutils, and glibc), OpenSSL, and as a custodian (i.e., global reviewer and maintainer) on the U-Boot project. He manages engineering teams working on the GNU toolchain, Linux kernel, cryptographic libraries, LLVM optimization, and Embedded Rust.
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